Adventure Without The Fear Of Getting Dirty

Patent Pending Design

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Lavender Crud Cloth with our new package design
A cloth like no other that is durable and able to clean your entire body without leaving a sticky residue

A Cloth Like No Other

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The Power Of A Shower With The Convenience Of A Wipe

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A portable shower all in one bag ready to go on any adventure your heart desires
Simple, natural ingredients in a pod that releases onto a durable cotton wash cloth

Naturally Power Through The Crud

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Try All 5 Scents!

Crud Cloth is available in 5 scents  to suit your mood: Lavender, Tea Tree, Unscented, Citrus, and Peppermint. Give each one a try!

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"I love how convenient they are! So easy to keep in my car to freshen up after a sweaty or muddy trail run! They worked great, I felt clean and fresh to run errands with little effort or fuss."

Sarah - Hartford, WI

"Crud cloth comes in handy for everything from a quick freshen up to a complete clean up after having our dogs out on the trail. We used to just leave a towel in the car and do our best to clean off muddy legs before the dogs got back in the car, but now we actually get them clean and I don't have to drive around with a dirty towel!"

Andrea - Duluth, MN

"Crud Cloths are convenient and easy to use after a ride or race. The feel of a moist soapy cloth vs a wet wipe gives you the refreshing feel of a shower. After using it, I’ll use it to clean off my bike as well. Since it’s an actual cloth I’ll bring it home to wash and reuse it as a shop rag. Great product and would recommend to any rider."

George - Green Bay, WI