Everybody Gets Dirty

Cleanliness leads to Dignity

Did you know that 3 Billion people worldwide lack basic handwashing facilities at home?  Even more lack access to a shower.  The problem is so bad, the UN had to create Goal 6 to address the issue as part of its Sustainable Development Goals.

SDG Goal 6


We are lucky in our family that we choose to get dirty and then have either a warm shower or a Crud Cloth to clean up with after.  Not everyone in the world has that ability.

Helping people get clean is our passion.  Cleanliness can help restore dignity for those in need. We are seeking opportunities to work with Governments and NGOs that help people gain access to basic hygiene solutions.  We have already partnered with an amazing NGO in California called LavaMaex to supplement the mobile showers they use to provide hygiene and dignity to the homeless people they serve.  Crud Cloths are being include in hygiene kits that are handed out to the homeless to use between shower days.

If you have an idea for how Crud Cloth can be part of the solution, please reach out to us with your idea.