About Us

Necessity is the mother of invention. That’s what they say, right? Well, that’s one way Crud Cloth is not an exception. Crud Cloth was invented because well, frankly, there had to be another option! 

My family loves to get dirty. And as an avid mountain biker myself, I went through tons of different wipe options to clean up after a trail ride. They were over-perfumed, thin and just pushed the dirt and sweat around. We needed something that picked up the dirt, sand and eliminated the odor from our rides. The only thing that worked was a washcloth and water. Now we’re on to something… But we couldn’t carry washcloths and bottles of water around with us everywhere. Next step - convenience. We needed something to throw in our bags and easily carry with us on the trails.

With some ingenuity, lots of trial and error with cloth size, moisture and soap amount, scents and vacuum sealing… Crud Cloth was born! We knew right away this was the solution we were looking for. This was the closest thing to taking a shower with us.

Crud Cloth is vacuum sealed to keep our ingredients extra fresh and ensure it doesn’t dry out. There are no artificial chemicals, no artificial smelly fragrances or thin wipes that fall apart or push the crud around. Crud Cloth will power through whatever you throw at it. 

So from our to yours - Go Get Dirty! 

Molly, Madison, and Tim

The Crud Cloth Family