Crud Club: Join The Movement

Life can get dirty. 
And sweaty.  And smelly. 
No Shower?  No Water?  No Problem!

Crud Cloth is here. Whether you are a high achiever in the gym, an active professional climbing the ranks, or hiker in the wilderness, Crud Cloth is there to help you get from one activity to the next while looking fresh. Feeling clean has never felt so good. By joining the Crud Club, you are showcasing your dedication to getting dirty. Getting dirty to us means that you go all out. You are putting in the work both mentally and physically. 

Achiever | Explorer | Professional

The Crud Club is comprised of three distinct people: The Achiever, Explorer, and Professional. Each one of these are unique in their own way but unify for one common goal: Getting Dirty. We are building a community of people dedicated to adventure without the fear of getting dirty.

Our parents would get mad at us for playing in the mud or getting grass stains on our Sundays best, but hey, that made us into who we are today. Defiers. Unbounded by limits, trails or PR’s. A community founded on the binding principle of pushing the boundaries to new heights. Crud Cloth gives us the ability to kick ass in whatever we do and ensures an easy clean afterward. The dirtier the better, right? 

 What do you get?

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Join us today and solidify your spot in the Crud Club. A community of people looking to push boundaries, look stunning and get noticed while doing it. Are you ready to commit to the Crud Life and get as dirty as possible? Great, let’s get started.