Questions? We've Got You.

1. What can I use my Crud Cloth for?
Oh my filthy friend, so much more than you ever imagined! Crud Cloth is great for the following things (and hundreds more!):
  • Clean your face/body
  • Clean your kid's face/body
  • Cool down after a workout
  • Clean your gear
  • Freshen up between work and night out
  • Clean your dog (select scents only)
  • Clean your yoga mat
  • Soothe your skin after sun exposure
  • Clean interior of your car
  • Clean your soccer cleats
  • Freshen up at work
  • Clean your golf clubs
  • Clean tray table/armrests on plane

2. How do I use Crud Cloth? 
Super simple: tear the package open at the notch, unfold, scrub head to toe.  Use what's left to clean your gear, car, boat, whatever...

3. What should I do with my Crud Cloth when I'm done with it?

  • Wash it and using it again as a washcloth or rag
  • Compost it.  100% cotton and natural soap will biodegrade
  • Throw it away (after all, hasn't your Crud Cloth worked hard enough already?)
4. What is a Crud Cloth made of?
Scent-specific ingredients are listed on the back of each package, but here is the simplified list:
  • 100% cotton terrycloth towel
  • Water
  • Castile soap made with organic ingredients
  • Therapeutic Grade essential oils
5. Is the plastic packaging recyclable?

Technically, the answer is yes.  Our packaging is considered a #7 plastic "Other" and can be recycled anywhere that accepts #7 plastics that also accepts plastic bags.  However, please be aware that not every recycling center will accept plastic bags even if they accept #7 plastics, so check with yours first.  In the meantime, we are searching for bioplastic bags to have a smaller environmental footprint.

6. Why should I buy Crud Cloth vs a wipe?
  • It will only take 1 Crud Cloth to clean your filthy self vs multiple baby or adult wipes
  • Lightly infused soap and essential oil will leave you feeling fresh and clean without residue
  • Terry cloth absorbs sweat and picks up dirt whereas a wipe just pushes both around
  • Multiple scent choices to fit your mood and cleansing needs
  • Crud Cloth is incredibly versatile, durable and reusable 
7. What's the shelf life of Crud Cloth?

For best results, use Crud Cloth within 6 months of the manufacturing date that's printed on the back label. They will probably last longer, but we can't account for all the possible scenarios for how Crud Cloth will be stored.

8. Why Crud Cloth?                                                                                        

  • Do you like looking and smelling filthy at a bar after a ride? Ummm.. No.
  • Do you value the interior of your car? Ummm... Yes.
  • Do you like tracking mud into your house? No.
  • Do you value simple, natural products? Yes!
  • Do you like keeping your nice bath towels clean? Yes.

Crud Cloth knew you'd say that... We think the two of you will go great together!