Crud Cloth + LoveOne: Dignity through Clean Skin


Crud Cloth can be used anywhere at any time to clean up. If you didn’t know already, our product is an instant shower-in-a-bag. While we began Crud Cloth with the intention to focus on athletes such as mountain bikers, we’ve recently discovered an unintentional benefit that aids many people in a time of need. 

Recently, Brandi Johnson, the Executive Director of a nonprofit called LoveOne, was able to sit down with us to share their focus towards providing hygienic care for those who are houseless. We are honored that the Crud Cloth was able to create impact in a humanitarian gesture. 

Brandi provides that as we think of the houseless, our thinking isn’t often positive. It is common to stereotype the houseless as violent, mentally ill, or drug addicts. We tend to create distance and separate ourselves from them. “It makes sense why we do this, “ said Brandi Johnson from LoveOne. “It’s a protective measure to distance ourselves. But I encourage people to take a minute to push back against that thought.” 

Accessing proper materials for hygiene is extremely difficult for those who are houseless. Many find themselves forced to bathe in streams and lakes. Therefore, providing cleanliness to those who need it was the ultimate goal for Brandi and LoveOne, and the Crud Cloth came in handy at the perfect time. 

Crud Cloth in Hygienic Care

Our connection to LoveOne started a couple years ago when our partners at Business Connect were researching different homeless organizations. Their idea was to look into providing local humanitarian organizations with Crud Cloth to make a positive impact in communities. 

Once they found LoveOne who had a similar focus of helping to provide basic needs, a cold call turned into a short meeting that began our relationship. It wasn’t long after that they introduced the product by sending samples to LoveOne. After some testing and stamps of approval, LoveOne began implementing Crud Cloth in their work to provide hygienic care for the houseless. 

LoveOne hosted several free shower events. Because the city would allow the organization to put on shower events a certain amount of times, Crud Cloth helped answer the question: How do we fill in the gaps between showers?  When running water isn’t accessible, a solution is needed to achieve that unmatched showered, clean feeling. The Crud Cloth was the perfect solution for Brandi and LoveOne because it demonstrates portability, durability, and effectiveness in cleansing. 

Dignity Through Cleanliness

While LoveOne’s focus was to meet the basic needs of clean clothes, laundry, and meals, their effect expanded beyond simply fulfilling a need. There was a significant difference between when people showed up for events and when they left. These people left feeling happier and cleaner. 

For people across the United States, cleanliness is tied to one’s hygienic practices. Maintaining good personal hygiene has proven wellness benefits. It helps reduce anxiety, increases productivity, and boosts one’s confidence as the act itself symbolizes a new and fresh start. It also helps provide a sense of confidence, self-value, and worthy of honor from others. With the help of Crud Cloth, LoveOne was providing dignity.

Unknown by many, the importance and significant impact of clean skin and clothes goes highly unnoticed, especially in school settings. Not only does it increase school attendance but reduces bullying, according to Brandi.

“I had no idea until I got into this work and kept hearing from teachers, staff, and children’s centers for child abuse prevention and treatment…,” Brandi provided. “They’ve all called out the impact and have made referrals to our events as they’ve noticed its reduction in abuse, neglect, and increased school attendance.” 

The Crud Cloth also helped alleviate LoveOne’s challenge of providing hygiene to a nearby canyon-woods area where they do outreach. Some individuals are hesitant to access services for various reasons, including fear, distrust, unaddressed mental health needs, and outstanding warrants. The provisions of Crud Cloth, however, is the solution for people in these situations. While it provides hygiene, it also allows people to feel more confidence during job interviews and visitations. 

“Having Crud Cloth handy is a game changer,” Brandi shared. “You have a loyal fanbase with us!”